May. 9th, 2015 10:36 am
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[Barbara ought to look excited, despite the natural wariness and frustrated curiosity. Instead, she looks a little devastated.]

You know when you're pretty sure something isn't going to work, and you try it anyway? It's silly, isn't it? [Her voice almost cracks.

Then she takes a deep breath, and sets her shoulders, and makes herself sound strong.]

I've got to wonder if combining our abilities would let them reach further, but it's not an experiment I'm willing to try just yet.

Could everyone who's ended up with Admiral abilities check in, please? [She's kept track, of course, but that's no guarantee, she hasn't spoken to everyone directly.] I'd like to know what everyone's managed to do, and what their status is.

Cambridge - do you think scanning us would be worth it?
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[Barbara's in a familiar outfit - a thick dark body suit, festooned with straps and holsters and pouches. This time, though, there are symbols engraved into the fabric.

She gestures to them with a free hand; the other is busy at her keyboard. She barely looks at the screen as she goes through her files.]

It seems like our crisis has a magical component. [A slight grimace, more frustrated than anything. Magic is unpredictable, in ways that get people killed.] Not really my area, but I worked with Arthas to incorporate defensive magic into regular body armour. It won't hurt the things, but it repels them, at least until you can go on the offensive or run the hell away. [Yes, she tested it. That's why her shoulder is a bit charred.] I can do it for anything you have.

If you don't have anything defensive - or offensive, for that matter - I can give it to you. Has anyone pinpointed any weaknesses so far? [Another gesture, rough and vexed, towards the words on her screen.] They don't match anything I've got, not completely.

[Private to Friends/Family/Infuriating Inmate]

Check in. Please. [There's an edge of desperate worry to the words, now. She feels better in the midst of a crisis, but not if it costs her more of her people.]


[When she's not in her room, carving runes into modern armour or sharpening old weapons or crafting new ones, she's patrolling the halls. She's cautious, careful to keep her guard up and anticipate escape routes; for all her skill, she's just a woman against monsters.

But there's too much she doesn't know, and one of the better ways of finding out it investigating herself. And there are people far more vulnerable than she is.

She keeps her sticks in her lap, holding a batarang in each hand. (One electrocutes; the other freezes.) Far as she can figure, they're her best bet for effectiveness; if not, she has a lot of backups.]
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[Her eyes are red, and her voice is flat.]

Cassandra Cain is gone.

Does anyone feel like sparring? [She wants to hit someone. She wants to sweat and ache and bleed.]

[Private to David Cain]

Not you. [Her laugh is low and choked.] It's funny, isn't it, that I don't want to hurt you? [But she's not sure she could stop herself from going for his throat, right now.]
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[Barbara's covered in cuts, her hair is a wild mess behind her headband, and there are some grisly stains on her suit. She's managed to catch quick cat naps here and there, but the shadows are deep under her eyes.

But there's a fierce grin on her face, as she gestures towards herself. She's got several weapons strapped to her, an assortment of utility belts, and a kevlar backpack slung over the back of her chair.]

I've got supplies - ammo, snacks, water bottles, flash lights, first aid - and I can spare some weapons if you haven't got any. Inmates included, but I expect them returned after we get back to the ship. I'm in the mezzanine, I think, between the first and second floor. [She's working on a map, but it's a ways from being useful.

[The smile flickers, revealing all the desperate worry she's tried not to focus on.] I'd like anyone who knows me to check in, if you can.
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Read more... )

[Public Video]

[Anyone who's been to it will recognise the Emperor's room. Melchior has clawed his way onto Barbara's lap, pawing insistently at her chest.]

So - the Emperor won't be making his Infirmary shifts. I'm pretty sure it's just a coma.

Zane - help me check, would you? If that's all it is, we can just put him into bed.
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[It's silly, to be security-conscious. Chances are astronomically low that she'll talk to anyone from her specific Gotham, and lower still that it'll be someone who doesn't know her identity already.

But caution saves lives, and limbs, and futures; paranoia can, in the end, do far more good than harm.

So she isn't broadcasting from her control room. Instead, she's in the front room (or what would be the front room, back home). It's neat and elegant and utterly generic. She's sitting on one of the plush brown sofas, smiling wryly.]

Hey. I'm Barbara. Sorry for hijacking your tech; we've got a powerful network that doesn't actually make any sense, and it does that sometimes.

[A slight shrug.] Might as well take advantage of it, right? I'm a computer expert, former Gotham city congresswoman, an aspiring teacher, and one hell of a librarian. Let's chat.

[Private to anyone who knows what she actually is]

[Her demeanour changes. She's still relaxed, still smiling, but there's a steel to her shoulders, and a quiet authority in her gaze.]

This is Oracle, speaking from an interdimensional prison ship. Warden, for the record, not Inmate. Tell me how you're doing.


Dec. 6th, 2014 08:19 pm
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Arrival )

[Filtered to Kids]

[She's stalked on the network some - enough to know she's not the only kid here, and most of the adults are at least acting friendly. Some she trusts immediately, for reasons she can't comprehend.

But that doesn't mean there's no danger here. Cabin 219 is her next stop, to see if it really is safe (and also play with robots) - but first, she needs to do this.

She smiles, and it doesn't show nearly as much nerves as she thought it might.]

Hey, everyone, my name's Barbara. I wish I could tell you what's going on, but I'm...still working on that. [She'll get it, though. There are computers in her room!] But either way - I think we all need to be careful. We need to look out for each other.

So - try not to go anywhere alone. I thought maybe we could set a buddy system. Younger kids with older ones.

((Barbara is fourteen years old! Her responses will come from [personal profile] flawedgem.))
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[She's never felt so small.

It's the sort of thing she would hide, usually, but not today. Her shoulders are slumped, and her expression is worn, and her voice is dull.]

Everyone I know - I'd just like you to check in.

[Iris, of course, has been at her side since they got back. It's helped - it always has, holding her close - but it can't overcome everything else.

She made a promise.]


You, especially.

[A strained, bitter smile.]

You can say "I told you so" if you want.

[Spam! Open to All]

[She needed to get out. Out of her tower, out of her head.

She's dressed in an old black tank, hair pulled back in a short, low ponytail. Her hands are wrapped in frayed strips of cloth.

As soon as she gets to the gym, she picks a punching bag and starts wailing on it. It's not about precision, or stamina; she'll pummel the leather until her hands bleed.]
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[She keeps her warden item on her at all times. Either it's stored in her chair with the rest of her batarangs, or it rests on her nightside table.

The first thing she does, after talking to Blight, is check it. Usually, it gives her a vague idea of the Emperor's position on the Barge.

But there's nothing there.

She swallows hard.]

[Private to the Emperor]

Emperor? [She refuses to lose her composure, but she doesn't hide anything, either. If what she suspects - what she hopes, desperately - is true, then it won't do her any good. She wants him to see her concern.]
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Spam For Cass )

[Private to Iris]

[She still looks pretty bedraggled - her hair is a mess, and her cheeks are wan, and she needs to keep blinking the fuzz out of her vision.

But she's smiling, fervently warm.]

Miss me?

[Private to the Emperor]

[She waits a bit longer, for this - she wants to be more alert, more perceptive. She's still weary, but it's easier to focus, easier to act.]

How are you?

29 - Video

Aug. 20th, 2014 04:14 pm
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[Barbara is sitting on her couch, Jonesy curled up on her lap. Her communicator is carefully angled away from her control centre.

She starts off with a wry wave.]
If you can see this, you've gotten pulled into a space prison's telecommunications network. As far as I can tell, it won't affect your systems any, so don't worry.

[Her smile deepens.] And if you're from Gotham, I know damn well this isn't the strangest thing that's happened to you this week.

((Fourth wall! GO TO TOWN.))

28 - Video

Aug. 18th, 2014 01:05 pm
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[Barbara hasn't reached out much, since the Joker's takeover. She's kept an eye on the network, made sure the people she loved came through, responded here and there.

But she's been busy.

She took a break for the port - all work and no play tends to make shoddy work - but after that, she focused on little else.

Now, finally, she's finished everything she needed to. She's ready to make her proposal.

She's set the device opposite her control centre. She sits in the middle of it all, bathed in ghostly light.]

For anyone who doesn't know - I'm Barbara Gordon. I've been a Warden here for over two years. Before that, I lived in Gotham city, and I worked with vigilantes.

[She snaps her fingers, and various projections appear - weapons, combat suits, protective gear.

Look, sometimes she just wants to show off.]

Obviously, the priorities are different here - but not entirely. We need to protect ourselves, and each other.

[Her lips twist with a dark, wry humour.] The Joker's takeover - it reminded me that we can't trust anyone, even if they deserve it. Any one of us could be twisted by outside factors. I'm not saying we get paranoid, or distance ourselves. I'm just saying "be prepared".

[With a wave of her hand, several images come to the forefront. They look like typical clothes - thick sweaters, long jackets, dark trousers.]

These are made with bullet-resistant material. It's the kind of stuff we use on our costumes, back home.

[Another wave, and they're replaced with tasers, pepper spray, smoke grenades. Everything is labelled and described.]

Lethal force - even serious damage - isn't always needed. Extensive training isn't always necessary, either. I'd suggest keeping something on you as often as you can, just to help you get away if you need to.

Of course, training doesn't hurt. We've got a lot of fighters, here, with different perspectives and styles. I know some of us are teaching people already - made we can make it an organised effort.

[Another gesture, another rotation. These are harsher weapons, blades and firearms and crossbows.]

I don't want to encourage rampant bloodshed, here, but we all know violence can be necessary. I'd rather people knew what they were doing.

[A slight shrug.] This isn't a foolproof solution. We can end up in port without any gear. We can face people impervious to everything I - or anyone else - can give you. We can be too slow, too distracted, too hesitant. [She doesn't want to make false promises, doesn't want anyone to get too complacent.] And I understand if you don't take me up on this. But I believe it will help.

[She's quiet, for a moment. She's tried to make this all business, but she knows that only reaches so far. She allows the grim, aching frustration into her words.]

I'm tired of just waiting for the next catastrophe, and I'm tired of being hurt by people I care about, and I'm tired of watching people I love die. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

[Private to Iris, Cassandra, and Stephanie]

[No, it doesn't actually end there.]

Which leads me to my next point. [She taps her headset.] My transceivers still work here, it turns out. I've been making transmitters. [Almost unconsciously, her hand brushes the golden canary at her neck.]

I'm still figuring out who I want to give them too - and I'm open to suggestions - but you three are first on the list, if you want them. [They know how she works, and in ideal circumstances, she trusts them more than anyone else.]

Cass - you should talk to your Warden, if you want to. And, relatedly - how would you feel about teaching people to defend themselves?

27 - Voice

Jul. 23rd, 2014 09:53 pm
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[Iris is dying.

It takes everything inside Barbara, every ounce of training and experience, to be still. She knows she'll be too late. If she goes bursting in without knowing the situation, chances are high she'll just die next.

She knows better than that. It's not what Iris would want.

So she stays in her tower. She maps the way to Jack's cabin in her head, and she gathers her weapons, and she waits.

She's just about to make her own call - to the people she trusts most - when she gets Iris' message. When her heart sinks and bile fills her mouth.

She will not feel guilty or foolish or afraid; there's no time.]


[Barbara's voice is low and grim, betraying none of the rage or grief she feels.]

Jack killed Iris. I don't know why, not yet. She's in his cabin; he might still be there, he might have left.

There's something wrong with Mason - drugs, she said. Not sure how it's connected.

[A slow, deep breath.]

The laughter. The warped mirrors. They might be connected, too. They might not.

Either way, you need to stay on your guard. Look out for each other. Iris might not be the first victim, and she probably won't be the last. That's how the Barge is.

[Private to Cain]

You got one too, right?

[Private to everyone Iris is close to]

[She switches to video for this. She figures she owes them that. Everyone else that Iris loves.

There are no tears streaking down her face. Instead, her lips are curled in a fierce snarl, and her eyes are blazing. Still, her voice is steady.]

No one go out half-cocked. We don't know what we're dealing with, not yet, and the last thing she'd want is you getting yourselves killed.

[Private to Motorcycle Boy]

[Back to voice! Hoarse but calm.]

Harvey may be missing. Have you talked to him lately?

26 - Video

Jul. 10th, 2014 02:07 pm
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[Byron Gordon does, of course, look notably different from Barbara Gordon, but there are certain striking similarities; the piercing blue of his eyes, the red waves of his hair. He carries himself with the same quiet confidence, although he seems a bit more relaxed.

He doesn't look particularly fussed over the flood. As the Barge goes, this is all very tame.]

For any of the new women who need clothes - my counterpart has plenty. [Insert sizes here, because all I know is she's 5'11.]

I've got some male clothes, too. [Insert Dick Grayson's sizes here.] He's a nice guy, he wouldn't mind.

[Private to...his Inmate]

Are you the Emperor or the Empress?


Jun. 18th, 2014 06:58 pm
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[Barbara looks exasperated, more than anything, and there's a hint of amusement in the curve of her lips.]

So, this rash of robberies has been pretty harmless. Stupid, but harmless.

[The amusement fades, as she leans forward.]

That won't always be true, though.

So - anyone who wants a more advanced security system, hit me up. I've got a lot of tricks up my sleeve.

I can't do much on the magic end, though. Any volunteers?

[Private to Stephanie]

[Her smile shifts, becomes something wryly sympathetic.]

How are things going with your new Inmate?
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